Because of the fact that my mother is an artist, I grew up as a regular visitor of museums and other art exhibitions.

At the age of twenty I started taking pictures, mostly with architecture as subject and with a preference for the color blue. I took several trainings and developed over the years to a more allround photographer. My pictures were published in the book "Focus Passages: The Doors."

I love to work in series. And though I didn't mean to, I discovered that I was inspired by the same subjects as my mother. She has a series called “the wall of my life”; my answer to that is “the life in my wall”. We share a special interest for stones and things that are a bit grungy, weathered or just not "plastic fantastic".

More recently I started to combine painting and photography. I love the multilayered pieces this combination provides. I start with a concept and start to mix up the different media to make the art piece. 

As a photographer I shoot landscapes and daily subjects as my pictures serve designers, bloggers and editors at big microstock agents like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto, Fotolia and de Nationale Beeldbank. But I still love to shoot architecture.

Although being an artist is an important part of my daily life, there is more to know about me. I was born (1971) and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I went to the Erasmus University and became a health scientist. I practised as such for a long time, partly neglecting my needs as an artist. I used my creativity in being a consultant and training expert in the field of medical education. In 2013 I suffered some health issues and after that I dicovered it was hard for me to keep up whith the pace needed to confront all kinds of daily challenges. I was diagnosed with Asperger (autism) and finally knowing why I had been different all my life was both a relief and a shock. In 2015 I suffered from a stroke. During the process of rehabilitation making art and illustrations is both therapeutic as well as it fulfills a professional purpose. In order to get to know me better you are welcome to read my blog (nl).