Welcome at Estana, which provides images and fine art. I am a photographer and fine artist. My background as a photographer started when I was about 20 years old. My specializations are architecture (interior and exterior) and product photography. I also make fine art pieces on request. This can either be a painting or a mixed media piece, often combining paint and photography in one artwork. If you would like to use my services as a photographer or as a fine artist, please contact me.

It is also possible to use one of my images.


online use (e.g. blog, website)           10,50 Euro

print                                                17,50 Euro

commercial use                                 on request 

How does this work?

You contact me and describe the photo you would like to use (or copy link to the flickr page). I send you the terms and conditions and after confirming these by mail and receiving the payment, I will send you the picture you asked for. For online use you will receive a small sized picture, for print and commercial use the largest one possible. It is not allowed to resell the image or prints to another (third) party.